Answer: B – Communication

According to Quintessential Careers, communication (verbal, listening, writing) skills topped the list of skills sought in prospective employees.  Skilled communicators get along well with coworkers, listen for directions, and speak effectively. In addition, they can easily adapt their communication style to manage different situations.

Evaluating soft skills is more difficult than evaluating technical skills.  Yet, measuring communication skills is probably one of the easiest soft skills to evaluate.  You may get a good overview of a person’s communication style during your office interviews, yet we also suggest asking all candidates to provide some form of writing sample.

And, behavioral assessments can easily peg someone’s natural communication style.  For instance, do you need a talker or a listener?  Behavioral assessments measure a candidate’s natural behaviors and competencies against position profiles specific to a type of role. Quantifiable information will help you make educated hiring decisions.