Question: What is the #1 reason why employees quit?

Correct Answer: C

A survey of more than 10,000 employees by consulting firm Towers Watson reported by found that work-related stress was the number-one reason employees cited for leaving a job.  It is often said, that people leave because of their boss.  A bad boss creates a lot of stress for their employees.  Yet, other factors can cause stress too, such as long work hours and deadlines that never end.  If you are working your people consisting over 50 hours, you should watch for stress-related burnout.  And, if your managers are scaring your people away, it may be time to hire new managers.

In our last newsletter, we cited a survey that indicated that “pay” may be the #1 reason causing employee dissatisfaction during our Big-Recession. Take the recession out of the equation, and “stress” becomes the #1 factor for dissatisfaction that lends to turnover.

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