What percentage of IT jobs will go unfilled in 2020?

Answer:  –  C (50%)

In April, the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) dramatically broadened its definition of IT workers and instantly widened the statistical gap between the number of available skilled workers and job openings that need to be filled. The survey found there are just over 10 million IT workers in the United States, and that roughly half of the 1.6 million job openings that will be generated this year will go unfilled.

Tech support is the leading area for job openings, with demand expected to hit 616,055 this year. Database development/administration is a distant second, at 271,487. Programming/software engineering is next at 213,890, followed by network designer/administrator, with 165,585 openings. The survey predicts a need for 161,301 Web developers/administrators.

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