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Extreme Leadership in Small Business Hiring Practices
April 15, 2009
2 Fundamentals to Hiring Top Talent
April 15, 2009

Business owners avoid, dread or delay:

1. Hiring their first employee
2. Firing their first employee
3. Hiring their second employee
4. Firing their second employee
5. Hiring their third employee
6. Firing their third employee

Ok, you probably get the message by now. Business owners choose to avoid, dread or delay anything that has to do with hiring and firing people. It’s that simple. And, it becomes a never ending circle. I don’t want to hire someone because then I might have to fire them. And, once hired, I don’t want to fire them because then I have to hire someone else.

As a hiring consultant at Safari Solutions, I would love to hear some of your hiring/firing war stories! What are some of the reasons you have been hesitant (or fearful) of hiring or firing employees?

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